Recap 1 | Bright Night

Opening crawl

Abraham, Molly and Dorian have the best seats around the campfire, as they always do, because they tell the stories. They are escorting two dozen refugees from Battlebell to Temples. The stranger in the long, brown coat — a pilgrim, who joined the convoy that very morning — listens quietly as the storytellers try to quiet the children. The sky is painted black on black into deeper and deeper shades of night. It is winter.

"Tell us about Sir Duncan and Lady Estora, who fought the hydra," says a boy.

"No! I want to hear about the witch who stole the North Star," says a girl.

"Both you shut up," says an ugly child in a bad hat. "Let's have one about Ivan the Luckless, the bandit who—"

"Abraham," says Molly. "Why don't you start that new one we've been working on?"

Abraham strokes his beard in feigned thoughtfulness. "Hmm. It's a long one, but I promise it will combine the heroics, the mystery, the villainy in a tighter weave than any story you've ever heard. These aren't your typical heroes, as these aren't agents of justice, but agents of vengeance. History might give them a bad wrap — like a sick dog, like a ex-lover, like a foul word — but they've always been Damned Good."

The stranger in the long, brown coat leans forward in interest. The children quieten down.

"Some twenty years ago in Bridges, on the last day of Sanber, while football fans paraded the streets — the Temple Mystics played the Bridge Kraken for the Cup that year, though none of you kids are old enough to remember —in a cobbler's basement, seven people plotted by candlelight, like struggling writers, like thieves, like adventurers..."

Plotting in the dark, as told by Abraham

Task: Carraway wants the remains of an old friend that are in a shipping container in the Old Moathouse. His remains are in a clay urn with a blue seal. The urn, along with other contraband, is scheduled to be shipped to Temples after the match. It has to be done tomorrow night, because security will be entirely concentrated on the FA Cup, especially since some crazy burglar tried to steal the trophy last year.
Complications: The inside of the Old Moathouse is protected by the Masons, the ancient robotic custodians of Bridges. The perimeter is guarded by police. Parts of the complex are alarmed. The canals of Bridges are patrolled by the Foreman, a giant golem
Reward: Gives information on the Panacea, an elixir that fixes any ailment. 80GP each up front and again upon return. Exploding arrow for Garlan.
Tully joins the group to protect Mr Carraway’s interests. The party suspects she is a pirate.
Marlin Brock joins as a party member — his job is to disable any magical wards or alarms.
Tully vouches for Garlan as a crack shot and eagle-eye lookout. Marlin is highly suspicious of Yuri, looking at his tattoos and saying he has no honour. Warug proves his expertise and experience as a policeman by pouring over every detail of the plan. Alfa assures the group she’s magical enough to put any guards to sleep.
Mr. Carraway mentions the legend of Ryla who bore the bear, reputed as the first lycanthrope.
Tully mentions Ivan, an infamous bandit who brazenly tried to steal the World Cup last year.
Yuri and Garlan buy a healing potion each.
Warug touches base with his friend Orin, proprietor of The Ethereal Pike.
Marlin approaches Warug with concerns about Yuri.

Breaking into the Old Moathouse, as told by Abraham

Garlan’s bird familiar Myrtle scouts two possible entrances to the Old Moathouse: one in the ceiling and another through lightly guarded back entrance.
Tully suggests the party scout out an old maintenance tunnel, but the party decide to blitz the back door of the Moathouse.
Warug and Alfa deceive the guards while Garlan gets into position. Tully and Yuri hang back in reserve. Garlan gets spotted. Alfa manages to put the guards’ dog to sleep. The party kills the dog and knock out the guards. Marlin follows his gut and flees during the commotion.
The party complete a skill challenge to sneak through the complex and find the contraband.
The party find Mr Carraway’s urn, a bunch of strange art and a pair of Sending Stones.
A group of Masons are roused and a fight breaks out. During the fight, Alfa hides in a crate for a while, Yuri barrels through a shelf of chemicals, Garlan hits himself with an exploding arrow, and Warug takes it like a champ. A fire breaks out from the chemicals.
The party flees the burning building and goes to the rendezvous.
Yuri lets off the signal to summon the getaway.
The getaway wagon is loaded with police.
Tully speaks some secret phrase to the urn and smashes it on the ground, releasing the Bramble-Heart Seer, an eight-foot tall demon with a massive, beating heart strapped to its back. The Seer possesses Tully and misty steps away.
Alfa has her fate twisted by the Seers — she is doomed to burn.
Alfa tries to flee the police, but a wild magic surge sends her teleoporting in the wrong direction.
Errybody gets locked up.

You are going straight to prison, as told by Abraham

Blindfolded, the party is taken to a ship hold and tied to chairs.
Lady Estora and Sir Duncan interrogate the party as to the happenings of the night using Zone of Truth.
The two Disciples are particularly interested in the whereabouts of the Seer and want to know the Seer’s true name, because names have power over demons.
Lady Estora uses a magical pen to take dictation, but omits any of their interest in the Seer from the report.
Sir Duncan and Afla clash and he hits her across the face, sending her hood flying. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were a lady,” he says. “I’m not!” yells Alfa, spitting blood in his face.
Lady Estora gifts her magical holy symbol to Warug. “I’ve given this away a dozen times, but it always finds its way back to my. I think you may need the light of Erathis in your life.”
Alfa tries to flee the police, but a wild magic surge sends her teleoporting in the wrong direction.
Lady Estora and Duncan hand the report off to Captain Don Horys and leave.
Captain Horys destroys the report and reveals he was paid too well to let them go free. He apologises to the party and informs them they’ll be sent to the Frozen Quarry, mining resisduum until death.
Captain Horys recognizes Warug from his time in the police force and promises to leave his name out of the report, for the sake of his daughter Alexandrine.

Aftermath: Headlines from the Lorem Ipsum Herald

Bridges — Bright Night — Autumn Equinox to 1st of Eerie

A mundane chemical fire broke out in the Old Moathouse by the Worldbridge during the World Cup final. The Masons were presumed to have a handle on the blaze, but a bolt of energy turned the blaze blue and unnatural. Scholars traced this phenomenon to sightings of a demonic presence in the city center — infernal strangeness is known to cause fire to burn blue, just as necrotic strangeness can cause fire to burn cold.

The blue flames spread quickly through the dockside and adjacent sectors, burning the water itself and creating an unnatural bore in the East Canal which persists today, defying physics. The Foreman was roused and greatly distressed by the commotion, causing further collateral damage to the city and becoming badly injured as it attempted to fight the blaze. Some government officials have raised concerns about the logic of suffering a giant robot to live beneath Bridges, but nothing has been done.

Citizens of Bridges are referring to this tragedy—their most devastating in living memory—as Bright Night.

Four cultists were arrested for arson, consorting with the occult and conspiracy to destabilize the Quorum. They were sentenced to terminal labor in the Frozen Quarry.


Garlan — Tim’s affable halfling rogue (romantic, carefree, unreliable)
Yuri — Brad’s disgraced dwarven paladin (serious, pragmatic, capable)
Warug — Luke’s stoic half-orc fighter (honest, kind, careful)
Alfa — Jack’s headstrong half-elf sorcerer (distrustful, impulsive, fated)
Abraham — First storyteller
Molly — Second storyteller
Dorian — Third storyteller
The Stranger in the Long Brown Coat — Fourth storyteller
Mr. Lincoln Carraway — Hired the party for a job that went wrong
Captain Don Horys — Took a bribe to ignore evidence that would exonerate the party
Marlin Brock — Was hired along with the party, but fled int he face of danger
Tully Swansea — Worked for Mr. Carraway, led the party into a trap and summoned the Seer
The Bramble-Heart Seer — A powerful demon that twists fate
Lady Estora — A Disciple of the Hand, interrogated the imprisoned party
Sir Duncan — A Disciple of the Hand, Lady Estora’s companion
The Masons — Ancient robotic custodians of Bridges
The Foreman — A giant protector that roams the canals of Bridges
Ivan the Luckless — Infamous bandit who once tried to steal the World Cup
Ryla who Bore the Bear — Mythical figure credited as the first lycanthrope