All my RPG experience (or: WOT I KNO)

What qualifies me to talk about D&D like I’m some kind of somebody? Get this Moby-dork off my internet, spouting all those dang opinions and nasty brainwaves! Well hold on now. Don’t be like that. I’ve done some things — not a whole lot — but I have a start of an RPG resume.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1E

I played Nitro the dwarf sapper when I was 11. I had no concept of what an RPG was, but golly was I excited. Nitro was based entirely off the cool dwarf on the cover and was made while watching The Nanny’s animated Christmas episode. He was a spiky-haired burden to the party with zero personality. He graduated from sapper to dæmon slayer is service of Khorne with a golden battleaxe, adopting strange tattoo-based magic which gave him the ability to sprout wings. He died in a corridor of electrified spears, never fully grasping the story or rules of Warhammer.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

At 12, the same group switched over to AD&D First Quest. This starter set came with an audio CD to guide roleplay in the coolest way — perfect for kids! It’s probably still good for kids today. I was a dwarf rogue with no name and no concept of what THAC0 was.

Miscellaneous one-shots

  • Starfinder (2 sessions)

  • Warhammer 40K: Dark Heresy (6 sessions)

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2E (1 session)

  • Fragged Empire (1 session)

Dungeons & Dragons 5E

I started playing D&D when 5E launched to meet new people in a new city. It works! I met all of my closest friends in Melbourne from playing D&D with strangers.

As a player

  • A dozen sessions of random one-shots with strangers from Meetup (Edgar the Poet, a monk)

  • Three tries at Adventurer’s League (Grim Tim, a ranger)

  • All of Curse of Strahd over two years (Tommy the Stick, a ranger)

  • The second half of Princes of the Apocalypse (Eric, a barbarian)

  • All of the Lost Mines of Phandelver (Genevieve, a bard)

  • Currently in the first half of Tomb of Annihilation (Gwendolen, a wizard)

As a dungeon master

  • The Lost Mines of Phandelver — many mistakes were made, first steps of DMing

  • First story arc of a homebrew campaign in a non-specific fantasy world

  • Dozens of one-shots, both homebrew and prewritten

  • Currently running a homebrew campaign in Quorum

  • Probably about 50 sessions total

So what does it all add up to?

Not much! Most of my experience is as a player in newer systems, and even then it’s less than a bunch of people I’ve met. I reckon I’m still in the early stages of my DM journey.

I’m sure there some RPG gatekeepers out there would happily dismiss my experience, but I’m super talented when it comes to ignoring that noise. I’ve passed that point of competence when running and writing a game and am refining my style every session. Lots of fun! Lots to learn!