Erry chump has a DM kit

And I am a chump.

Why do I need this big, stupid bag?

Most of D&D seems to be about storage and document management, which I'm not great at. When I debated in highschool, I always dropped each palm card on the ground when I moved on to my next point. I'm the same with D&D — paving my house with old monster stats and battlemaps during the session. 

What's in it?

  • Player's Handbook x 5
  • Blank A4 1 inch grid x 10
  • Blank A3 1 inch grid x 10
  • L1 pregens for every class (male/female portraits)
  • Character tokens for every pregen
  • Character tokens for NPCs and monsters
  • Initiative trackers for every pregen
  • Initiative trackers for NPCs and monsters
  • Preselected dungeon tiles for specific battlemaps
  • Assorted one-shot modules
  • A fuck-ton of dice
  • A giant foam PAX dice for death saves
  • A bluetooth speaker
  • A whiteboard for tracking enemy HP

Has it been useful?

Not really.

The last time I took this to a game, I was wiped after the session and just threw everything haphazardly into the kit. It's a mess again, completely defeating the purpose. At the end of the day, there's no substitute for discipline, and being the kind of person who makes a DM kit doesn't necessarily mean you're a disciplined human.

I don't really have a point, but that's OK.