Hold my beer, YouTube

I'm living colour and ready to inflict myself on the world.

I reckon YouTube is a good place to consolidate my D&D design efforts. I've never made a video before, but I'm about to make a short introductory clip for a bit of practice. Pretty excited about putting it online tomorrow!


I watch a lot of D&D talk — a whole damn lot — but the two channels I keep coming back to are Runehammer (formerly Drunkens & Dragons) and Matt Colville. Runehammer's content is just crazy good; I don't always like his ideas, but I love that his format is about showcasing his projects. I don't generally watch D&D channels that promise to teach their audience anything, but I watch Matt Colville because he has great production quality.

With those two in mind, I'm hoping to make a channel where I can showcase my projects and workshop ideas like Runehammer, but rely on the framing and production quality of Matt Colville. That's the end goal at least.

I promise to never make one of those list videos, "Top five mistakes DMs make," or whatever.


Here's a hip-fire list of things I could make videos about:

  • Tide pod challenge
  • Compare official character sheets to my custom ones
  • Work through different versions of my spell cards
  • Design wacky monsters
  • Talk through how I run my favourite DMs Guild one-shots
  • Trade gamin stories
  • Publish homebrew rules
  • Weekly play-of-the-day from Critical Role
  • Compare old editions of D&D to 5e
  • Discuss history of D&D visual style


I think I can upload a video every Saturday night. Let's try weekly to begin with and see how we go.